Corvid, NodeJS Web Application, and Website


This project was made with Wix and Corvid, this is a Student support platform. We designed and developed the web application and site itself together with the logo, it contains many advanced calculations required by the client PaprHub. 

Tools and Technologies


  • Frontend: Corvid, ReactJS

  • Backend: NodeJS Corvid Version

  • Paypal Payment Gateway API

  • Database: Corvid

  • Host: Wix


  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

Steps in the Application

Loading Animation

Designed logo


To achieve this we created a Backend and Databases that calculates everything and sends it back to the user. Once all the calculations are done the user moves through 3 steps until checkout with Paypal service using the Paypal Payment Gateway API.

Web/Mobile development

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