Ben's Fried Chicken

Mobile Development, iOS, and Android


Ben's Fried Chicken is a popular restaurant for their special hamburgers and chicken in Australia. They were looking for a solution to reward their frequent clients. The company has over 5000 clients. Also, our client wanted a way to promote effectively their daily promotions without spamming their clients.

Tools and Technologies


  • Frontend: Kony

  • Backend: NodeJS

  • QR Code Generator API

  • Database: MongoDB

  • Host: Heroku, Kony


  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Xd


To reward the frequent clients we came to a solution by using a QR code generator API. The mobile application generates a QR code respect to the login page, each time the code is scanned a counter saves it in the Backend in a MongoDB database.  To present the daily promotions we added a screen in the GPS which shows daily promotions only for those who are planning to visit the restaurant.


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